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Elon Musk Roasted After Patting Himself On The Back With A Bizarrely Sexual Meme About Milk

Elon Musk
Carina Johnanson/NTB/AFP via Getty Images

Musk had Twitter users weirded out after posting a meme of a woman forcing another woman to drink milk out of a bottle after his tweets started showing up on everyone's 'for you' page.

Twitter users noticed their "For You" feeds had surprisingly more posts from the site's chief executive Elon Musk than usual, mere days after he fired one of Twitter's top engineers for explaining why his reach on the platform had dropped since last April.

Musk did not acknowledge Twitter users' feeds were filled with his posts, only tweeting at 3 in the morning there would be some "adjustments" to the site's algorithm.

You can see Musk's tweet below.

That algorithm change placed Musk's posts front and center in people's feeds—whether they personally followed him or not.

And while he has not confirmed the change did just that, he did appear to mock the site's userbase when he tweeted out a meme of a woman forcing another to drink milk.

The woman holding the bottle is labeled "Elon's tweets" and the woman being forced to drink the milk is labeled “Twitter.”

You can see Musk's tweet below.

Twitter users didn't take too kindly to the change—or the meme—and were appropriately weirded out.

Last week, news broke that Musk had fired one of Twitter's "two remaining principal engineers" for explaining why Musk's reach on the platform had dropped significantly since last April, when he first announced his intention to purchase Twitter.

According to a story published on Platformer—a website that specializes in tech industry news—the employee was fired after Musk asked Twitter's remaining top engineers why his own engagement appeared to have declined since he became owner despite having a follower count of 128 million.

Platformer cited multiple sources with direct knowledge of the meeting who said Musk called it "ridiculous" that he has "more than 100 million followers, and [he's] only getting tens of thousands of impressions.”

The engineer and others in attendance showed Musk a Google trends chart showing how interest in Musk's posts had declined from last April, when his bid to acquire Twitter reached peak "interest."

A furious Musk told the engineer "You're fired, you're fired" at a time when the number of people using Twitter has declined by nine percent, as users retreat from a platform that has lost much of its appeal since Musk's takeover.

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