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Resurfaced Video Of 12-Year-Old Kirsten Dunst Calling Out 'Awkward' Kiss With Brad Pitt Goes Viral

An old video of the actor defending being uncomfortable with having to kiss then-31-year-old Brad Pitt in 1994's 'Interview with the Vampire' sparked a debate after it was shared on TikTok.

TikTok screenshot of Samantha Mathis and Kirsten Dunst

A resurfaced interview of then-12-year-old Kirsten Dunst from nearly 30 years ago has ignited a new discussion among film enthusiasts.

The interview features Dunst, who at the age of 11 shared a kiss with actor Brad Pitt during the filming of Interview With The Vampire, a scene that has remained a topic of conversation over the years.

The 1994 film marked a breakthrough for Dunst, who portrayed Claudia, a 10-year-old girl turned into a vampire by characters Louis de Pointe du Lac (Brad Pitt) and Lestat de Lioncourt (Tom Cruise). The resurfaced interview, which has been circulating on TikTok, showcases Dunst candidly expressing her feelings about the notable scene.

You can see it below.


Replying to @nomorelatefees The fact she had to do that scene was bad enough but why would the interviewer even question her about not liking it. #Hollyweird #KirstenDunst #samanthamathis #bradpitt

In the interview, a young Dunst described the experience as "awkward" due to the significant age gap between her and Pitt, who was 31 at the time.

When asked how by an interviewer and her Little Women co-star Samantha Mathis if she in fact "hated" the kiss, Dunst replied:

“Yeah because, well, y’know what, I love Brad, he’s so nice… it was just, like, it feels awkward.”
“I mean I’m 12. And he’s, like, 31 and it’s like, he’s a man. So why would I enjoy kissing him?”

Dunst then turned to Mathis and asked her how she would feel if she had the "chance" to kiss Brad Pitt, to which Mathis replied:

“Oh, I don’t think I’d turn it down! I mean, he’s a wonderful actor too though, but I understand."
[to Dunst directly]“Maybe you’re not into kissing boys yet, so I can relate.”

TikTok users reacting to the clip have largely echoed Dunst's sentiments, expressing surprise that her discomfort required an explanation.

Many viewers characterized the scene and the film itself as "wild" and "crazy," highlighting the unusual nature of a child performing such a role alongside an actor two decades older.

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The resurfaced interview has rekindled conversations about Dunst's experience during the making of the film.

In subsequent years, Dunst has been questioned about the scene in various interviews, consistently expressing her reservations. She candidly shared her thoughts in 2014 on Conan, describing the experience as "disgusting," considering her age at the time.

Despite her initial discomfort, Dunst has emphasized her positive interactions on set and clarified that her relationship with Pitt was akin to that of an older brother. She recalled in a 2021 Vanity Fair interview that despite the challenging scenes, she was treated "like a total princess" during the filming of Interview With The Vampire.