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Trans Activist Drops Truth Bomb On Kid Rock After His Drunken Rant About Oprah

L-TMZ via YouTubeR-Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage via Getty Images

Kid Rock has never exactly been known for his sensitivity to the times.

And he proved that ten-fold after he got drunk on stage in his own Honky Tonk bar in Nashville, Tennessee when he went on an intense rant about Oprah Winfrey and others.

The rant is too vulgar to reproduce in quotes here, so here is the video of it in its entirety:

Kid Rock Goes on Drunken Rant About Oprah, Insists He's Not Racist

Yikes, yikes, yikes, yikes.

Kid Rock left his feelings on Oprah (along with Joy Behar and Kathie Lee Gifford) absolutely clear, and then later took to Twitter to try and justify his offensive rant:


Okay, Kid Rock.

But trans activist Charlotte Clymer laid out Kid Rock versus Oprah and came up with the real reason Rock probably doesn't like her:


After going on this rant, Rock appeared to be so drunk that he had to be helped off the stage by his own security.

Also, when someone insists they're not racist, it's usually a good indicator that they are, in fact, racist.

It's unclear what exactly set Kid Rock off on his rant about Oprah and Behar, though this comment about Behar is one of many he's made over the years.

No further comment has been made by Rock or his team about the rant.