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Drew Barrymore Has A Theory For Why Her Iconic 'Scream' Character May Have Actually Survived The First Film

Drew Barrymore believes her character Casey Becker, the first victim of the Ghostface killer in 'Scream', may have survived the 1996 cult horror hit, likening Casey's fate to her own real-life C-Section.

Drew Barrymore
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Spoiler alert, but in the original Scream in 1996, Hollywood legend Drew Barrymore famously lent her star power to the film for just five minutes before being brutally murdered by the film's Ghostface killer in its very first scene.

Or was she? Barrymore, at least, has a theory that her character Casey Becker might have survived the gruesome 1996 mayhem.

She spoke about it with her sometimes-sidekick Ross Mathews on her own The Drew Barrymore Show recently while the two were chatting about the just-released Scream VI.

And it's got some people wondering if she might be teasing a surprise return for a Scream VII.

Barrymore and Mathews were discussing Scream VI's barnstormer of a box office success, the best in the 27-year history of the Scream franchise. The film had a $44.5 million opening weekend back in March, beating out the franchise's previous record with Scream 3 back in 2000.

During the chat, Mathews asked Barrymore if there was any possibility of her returning to the franchise.

He said:

"I asked you if maybe your character, maybe, survived. You know, doctors can do amazing things! And you said, maybe there's a chance she did survive. So, does this make you want to bring her back for Scream VII?"

That is, of course, a long shot--Casey was basically disemboweled by the mask-wearing psycho and it's pretty hard to, you know, sew your entrails back in and whatnot. But Barrymore is nothing if not a woman of ideas! And she thinks she has a solution.

Telling her audience that "with good writing you can make anything happen," she went on to share a most unexpected rationalization for her character's survival—her two Caesarean sections when she gave birth to her kids Olive and Frankie.

"I’ve never thought of it this way, but I’m pretty sure a C-section is comparable to what happened to [Casey]. Like, literally."
"And I’m here! I’m fine! So, maybe Casey Becker will be okay.”

Not sure that's how it works exactly, but hey--soap opera characters have been coming back from the dead for decades. Why not Casey Becker too?

On Twitter, Scream fans weren't quite sure how a revivified Casey Becker might work, but they were here for the idea regardless.

Given the enthusiastic cheers Barrymore's audience gave the idea, it might just have legs.

No Scream VII is currently slated for production, but given Scream VI's runaway success, it seems likely it will be in the future.

And to that we say, Justice for Casey Becker!