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Everyone who has ever posted something online about a celebrity wonders if somehow, someday, that celebrity will come across what they wrote.

These Twitter users now have confirmation, and much more.

Dr. Phil has obviously been very successful in his endeavors and has quite the following of people who believe in his work and seek his advice. However, it appears Dr. Phil has a bit of a more personal following, as well.

In the following Buzzfeed video, Dr. Phil was provided with a series of "thirsty" tweets that were all about him, his looks, his maturity and some of his admirers' naughty confessions.

What makes the video so hilarious is not just the fact that Dr. Phil is seeing them, but that he is reading them aloud and reacting to them.

Dr. Phil Reads Thirst Tweets

Many of Dr. Phil's reactions to these tweets are hilarious, mostly because he uses himself as the punchline for many of his jokes (mostly his age and his baldness), but also the fact that some of today's slang clearly goes over his head.

One of his most popular reactions in the video is to this Tweet:

To this, he replied:

"You're saying, 'As long as I got a face, you got a place to sit'."

His understanding misses the mark slightly, and places himself in the role of the punchline again, but that's what made the whole video so priceless.

After seeing the video, many took to Twitter to share their responses.

Some have shared their enjoyment and their thoughts on how hilarious the video was.

Others were shocked or simply wondering, ". . . Why?"

And of course, there were those who wondered, "If they got Dr. Phil, who else can we get?"

Like any other video that's gone viral, there is always a range of responses to its existence in the first place!

May this be preparation for all of us: Next time you tweet about a celebrity you like, make sure you're ready for them to read it in a future Buzzfeed video!

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