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The Cringey Name Of Trump's New SuperPAC Sounds Like A Parody But Nope, It's Totally Real

The Cringey Name Of Trump's New SuperPAC Sounds Like A Parody But Nope, It's Totally Real
Sean Rayford/Getty Images

In the lead-up to a presumptive third run for President in 2024, former Republican President Donald Trump has unveiled a new fundraising SuperPAC with a name so clunky it seems like it has to be a joke.

But alas, like most Trump-related face-plants, it is all too real. The name of Trump's newest exploit is--drum roll please: MAGA, Again!

That's right, the former President of the United States has a SuperPAC called "Make America Great Again, Again!" with an exclamation point.

And the internet simply cannot stop laughing about it.

So what prompted this profoundly inarticulate and hilarious exclamation-pointed rebrand? You may assume that, as with most things with Trump, poor taste is simply to blame.

But it's actually much worse!

According to The New York Times, Make American Great Again, Again! (that exclamation point really does take it to another level of absurdity, doesn't it?) seems to be Trump's way of distancing himself from his longtime associate Corey Lewandowski, following accusations of sexual misconduct last week.

Lewandowski leads Trump's previous SuperPAC, Make America Great Again Action. But there is no legal means of removing Lewandowski from his post unless he resigns.

So, Trump World seems to have chosen to circumvent the issue by taking the already astonishingly terrible name Make America Great Again Action and making it the brain-meltingly worse Make America Great Again, Again!.

Of course, what else should we expect from a guy whose first campaign logo looked like a paean to anal sex?

Anyway, "Make America Great Again, Again!" as a phrase isn't exactly new—former Republican Vice President Mike Pence used the phrase at the 2020 Republican National Convention, where it went over in a similarly lead balloon-like fashion.

But that hasn't stopped Twitter from howling with laughter and roasting the former President to an exclamation-pointed crisp, again (See what we did there...).

We look forward to Trump's next grift—er—fundraising venture, Make America Great Again, Again, AGAIN!!: The Threequel.