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Trump Mocks Guard At His Pennsylvania Rally For Being 'Politically Correct' In How He Ejected Protester

Trump Mocks Guard At His Pennsylvania Rally For Being 'Politically Correct' In How He Ejected Protester

President Trump held a campaign MAGA rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania this past Tuesday, December 10, and, as is often the case with Trump's MAGA rallies, things got a little bit dicey.

At one point, while Trump was speaking, a protestor wearing a #MeToo hat and a shirt with the middle finger emblazoned on it, stood and began shouting.

She held a sign that said "GRABBING POWER BACK."

Trump quickly motioned for the protester to be removed, but when security took slightly too long for his taste, Trump insulted the male security guard for not being more physically aggressive with the female protester a fraction of his size. The protester was able to buy a couple extra moments inside the stadium by protesting as she was escorted out.

The guard did not touch her as he shepherded her towards the exit.

When removing the protester took longer than Trump hoped, he began mocking the security guard for being too "politically correct."

Trump's response quickly went viral for its uncivil nature and authoritarian undertones.

Many people sought to remind America of how past Presidents might have handled the situation.

Twitter couldn't believe how far America has fallen.

The President was openly calling for a female protester to be roughed up by a large male...and the crowd cheered.

In Trump's mind, if you are against him, you're against the country.

The truly brave person in this situation was the protester, who insisted on making her voice heard even though she knew the President may call for her to be "punched in the face"...

...and the security guard for not succumbing to childish taunts from the President of the United States or falling into mob mentality.

Trump doesn't care what happens to people who don't support him.

Many believe the President is hoping to create a country where people fear to speak out against him. His past comments about the press and his critics would suggest as much.

It's more important than ever to our democracy that people continue to express their opinions, including protesters everywhere. And that security forces and law enforcement protect the rights and safety of ALL people, not just the ones the POTUS likes.