Donald Trump Jr. Is Getting Roasted After Sporting An Army-Style Trump Shirt With A Mystery Stain On It


While President Donald Trump and first daughter—and First Daughter—Ivanka Trump hold positions in the United States government, other family members continue business as usual.

For first son—and First Son—Donald Trump Jr., that means selling things with TRUMP slapped on it as Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization.

And occasional modeling duties.

But Don Jr.'s latest effort to sell himself online suffered a bit of a wardrobe malfunction.

See for yourself:


So many questions...

  • Is that a preworn shirt or do they all come with complimentary Trump stains on the collar?
  • Did someone drool?
  • Is that beard seepage?
  • Does Don Jr. not own a mirror?
  • Did no one check the styling or photos before posting them?
  • Is this how most alleged multibillion dollar companies operate a product social media campaign?

Many people online skipped the questions and went straight for Don Jr.'s throat.

Of his shirt, the throat area of the shirt.

Although maybe it was aimed more at Jr....

Many looked past the shirtstainthere's an R in that last wordto the long history of the Trump family and military service.

Some even brought Ivanka's swamp camouflage dress into it.

And someone made this astute observation:

There were fish in the barrel and Don Jr. handed the internet a (proverbial) gun.

Jimmy Kimmel—who looked over the full collection on Jimmy Kimmel Live!—said:

“A camouflage shirt covered in grease stains. You have to admit, they know their customers!"

Kimmel even created a new action figure based on Don Jr.'s look.

Introducing G.I. Shmo!

NEW! Trump Jr. Toy! G.I. Shmo DTJ Camo Pants & Shirt from Hasbro Donald Jr. MAGA Hat Action Figure youtu.be

Oh, Donald Jr.... we almost feel sorry for you.

If the Trump olive green shirt—with or without stains—doesn't appeal to you, this shirt is available here.


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