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Someone Just Trolled Trump's Indictment Using His Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star In Iconic Fashion

The former President's star was decorated with a replica of his Mar-a-Lago bathroom, complete with boxes of classified documents in the bathtub.

Donald Trump
ED JONES/AFP via Getty Images

After being chiseled and hammered to bits on more than one occasion, former Republican President Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame has once again been desecrated in the best way possible.

The star only just returned to Hollywood Boulevard in 2021 after previously being destroyed by anti-Trumpers in late 2020.

The two years of relative peace the star enjoyed since then came to an abrupt halt this week amid news of Trump's indictment on 38 felony counts for hoarding documents at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida.

This time, the star was left intact, but it's undergone a quintessentially Trumpian makeover.

You can see the results here.



The star was cordoned off with crime scene tape and decorated with a toilet and a bathtub. Inside said bathtub, stacks upon stacks of boxes full of documents marked "Top Secret" and "Classified."

This is, of course, in reference to the charges that may well send Trump to prison, for which he was indicted earlier this month.

British-American street artist Plastic Jesus took credit for the stunt, posting a photo to his Twitter account. The self-proclaimed "LA based guerrilla street artist" has fittingly titled the artwork "Top Secret."

Trump's Walk of Fame star has been the site of several acts of protest.

Starting in 2016, someone dressed as a Los Angeles city employee bashed it with a sledgehammer and a pickax just weeks before the election that would send him to the White House.

In 2018, it was again destroyed with a pickax, followed by a third pickax attack in 2020 by a person in an Incredible Hulk costume. The star was also vandalized with stickers with anti-Trump slogans and swastikas during his presidency.

As with those previous efforts, Plastic Jesus' street-art installation generated plenty of support on social media.

Seems like Plastic Jesus should retroactively receive some kind of art grant by the California government for his wonderful beautification efforts towards one of Los Angeles' most iconic civic gems.