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Trump Roasted After Giving The Most On Brand Answer To Question About His 'Faith Journey'

The former President did his best to circumvent the question during a Fox News town hall in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with Sean Hannity.

Fox News screenshot of voter during town hall; Fox News screenshot of Donald Trump during town hall
Fox News

Former Republican President Donald Trump was roasted online after he faced what he described as a "great question" on his Christian faith journey since he decided to run for President in 2015.

In a new video clip from an Iowa Fox News town hall hosted by Sean Hannity, a woman asked Trump how his Christian faith has "grown" and who has mentored him in his spiritual journey.

Trump initially complimented the question, but instead of offering a direct answer, he veered off into a broader response. He spoke about experiencing "heartache and turmoil," but quickly asserted he "couldn't be more glad" with the choices he has made, claiming to have "made America great" and emphasizing his confidence in doing it again.

You can hear Trump's response in the video below.

Trump said:

“I’ve made America great. We can do it again."
“But I’ve gotten to know, because of this, Evangelicals. I know so many people and they feel so good about themselves and their family, and they base it on religion." ...
“I’ve met some of the finest people that I wouldn’t have had the privilege of meeting if I weren’t President."
"They’re religious leaders, and they really are incredible people.”

Despite the opportunity to share his personal growth in faith, Trump's response focused more on his political achievements and interactions with Evangelicals and religious leaders. He mentioned feeling "good" about meeting religious people who base their lives on faith.

The former President also shifted the discussion to Catholic faith, expressing the patently false view the FBI has made Catholics "the enemy" and questioning their support for a Democrat like President Joe Biden—a life long Catholic.

In the current GOP White House race, Trump maintains a significant lead over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by more than 30 percentage points, according to an average of national polls on Republican candidates by FiveThirtyEight.

The exchange during the town hall once again highlighted Trump's tendency to steer away from answering direct questions, leading some to question the depth of his response on faith and spiritual growth.

Social media users were quick to react to Trump's rambling response.

Trump has enjoyed widespread acceptance among Evangelical Christian religious leaders in the United States despite never showing a particular affinity for religion and for engaging in unpious behavior, such as adultery.

Trump was baptized as a Presbyterian during his childhood but later stated during his presidency that he identified as a "non-denominational Christian."

Throughout his political tenure, the former President garnered strong support from Evangelicals who attribute several conservative accomplishments to his leadership, including the Supreme Court's decision to overturn federal reproductive freedom protections.

This unwavering support from the Evangelical community contributed significantly to his standing among Republican voters as a frontrunner for the party's nomination in the upcoming presidential race.