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Don Jr. Spreads Baseless Claim That Monkeypox Outbreak Is Just A Scheme To Get Money

Don Jr. Spreads Baseless Claim That Monkeypox Outbreak Is Just A Scheme To Get Money
Olivier Douliery/Getty Images

It has recently been confirmed cases of monkeypox are on the rise internationally.

As the world slowly recovers from the devastation of the COVID-19 virus that plagued the globe despite many Republican lawmakers denying its scope and consequences, those same voices have re-emerged amid another outbreak.

This was evidenced by a viral Instagram post by Donald Trump Jr.

The post depicted a meme of a monkey covering their mouth surrounded by hundred-dollar bills.

Above the monkey's head read the caption:

"The 'k' in monkeypox is silent."

See the post below:

His post stirred up suspicion amongst supporters.

Responses like the following flooded the comment section:

"Gosh its so 'handy' they already had millions of doses of Monkeypox vaccines on hand."
"So so convenient."
"And not suspicious at all right???"

His supporters are saying monkeypox is a made-up phenomenon and some sort of money grabbing scheme. This of course, is not the case.

Others felt entirely the opposite, expressing concern for his lack of seriousness about another health crisis.

Another person commented:

"Don't try me, it's a real yet rare virus from Africa that gets spread to other countries by people traveling back and forth from there."
"I know all you're trying to do is get people to vote for your father when he runs for President."

One person tweeted:

"Looking forward to people walking around covered in sores talking about #monkeypox being a hoax."

Another person posted:

"Well ... he surely knows hoaxes and scamming."

The post comes as no surprise as former president Donald Trump infamously failed to address the severity or reality of COVID-19 well into its devastation.

One person posted:

"The rotten dumb apple does not fall far from the tree."

Someone else noted:

⁦"[Trump Jr⁩]’s daddy said the same thing about COVID!"
"Then, the entire Trump family got themselves vaccinated against a 'hoax!'"

Another person tweeted:

"I know we all do not agree on Biden's covid pandemic handling let's be honest it could be better."
"But I am pleased that he at least made a statement on #monkeypox and did not call it a political hoax like Trump did covid in 2020."

Monkeypox is very real and is not a new disease.

It was first discovered over 50 years ago in the Congo.

Though there is a low fatality risk, the disease causes serious side effects including blisters, fever, headache, muscle pains, swollen lymph nodes and fatigue.