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Don Jr. Claims Biden Doesn't Care About Racism Because He Didn't 'Fix' It While Obama Was President

Don Jr. Claims Biden Doesn't Care About Racism Because He Didn't 'Fix' It While Obama Was President
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During a Trump campaign rally in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump Jr., the President's son, lashed out at Joe Biden with accusations the former Vice President didn't solve racism when he could have.

After a member of the crowd shouted out that Biden is a "racist," Trump Jr. jumped on the nonsensical talking point, falsely saying:

"Well, he is. He was best friends with every segregationist ever to walk the halls of Congress."

Trump Jr. lashed out at the Vice President for failing to eliminate racism during his time in the Senate.

"But he's going to fix those issues now, right? Now he's going to fix racial tensions in America. Why did you wait 47 years, Joe?"
"You know, if you really cared, if you thought it was something you were going to campaign on, maybe you would have utilized, I don't know, your 38 years in the United States Senate."

Trump Jr. went on to explain how, if Joe Biden was truly interested in eliminating racism, he would have done so while he was Vice President to Barack Obama.

"How about if you really wanted to do something about the issue — because this is what I would have done. Now, I have a brain but maybe it's different. But if I really cared about the issue I would have maybe utilized my eight years as vice president to the first African-American president."

Donald Trump Jr.: Biden should have fixed racism when a Black man was

Twitter seemed supremely unconvinced by Don Jr.'s arguments.

Many pointed out that while Barack Obama and Joe Biden may not have been able to solve racism, President Donald Trump seems intent on making it worse.

If Don Jr. was hoping to win over any undecided voters, it doesn't look like this speech is going to help his goal.

Though racism is far from being "fixed" in the United States, voters who take the problem seriously overwhelmingly favor Biden for President.