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Doctors Are Warning Women To Avoid Wearing Platform Sandals–Here's Why

Doctors Are Warning Women To Avoid Wearing Platform Sandals–Here's Why

Footwear designer Steve Madden is bringing back the platform sandal as part of a '90s throwback line for retailer Urban Outfitters.

While the platforms are designed to give women a lift in their step with the comfort of sneakers, podiatrists are opposed to their comeback.

Foot doctors like Dr. Hillary Brenner from New York's Financial District believe fashionistas should avoid them at all costs because they could cause problems for your back and ankles.

Brenner told the NY Post, "Definitely stay away from this one."

Brenner is a spokeswoman for the American Podiatric Medical Association and speaks on behalf of other podiatrists who call the act of people wearing heels in general as "shoe-icide."

The metatarsal bones in the foot are prone to damage under constant stress in an unnatural position, and the expert recommends that people wear heels, if they must, should be no higher than two-inches.

Platform sandals have rigid soles "that throws off the biomechanics of walking," said Brenner.

"Your foot is trying to bend a certain way, but the shoe is fighting you because it's so rigid."

She recommends flatter platform shoes that have a wide wedge or platform that is almost parallel with the ground but warns that the stiffness of the sole can still interfere with the natural movement of walking.

A good rule of thumb is to check for the shoe's flexibility.

Brenner said "nine times out of 10," platform sandal-wearers consult her for ankle sprains.

The most common ankle injury is the lateral sprain in which patients roll onto the outside of their foot. The strain occurs when the ankle ligaments are stretched beyond their normal range of motion.

Not everyone is a fan of the shoes' comeback.

There's no turning back now. Model Suki Waterhouse posted a picture on Instagram showing off her 4-inch stilts made by Simon Miller.

Are you going to ignore an expert's warning for the sake of a trend or stay in step with a healthy strut?