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Daylight Saving Time 2017: Best Funny Memes

Daylight Saving Time 2017: Best Funny Memes

Hopefully, you remembered to set your clocks back one hour this morning. If not, you were probably very confused when the time on your phone and the clock on the wall didn’t match. (I’m crossing my fingers you didn’t show up to Sunday brunch an hour early!)


Daylight Saving Time was officially created during World War I as a way to save on fuel costs during the summer. Contrary to popular opinion, Benjamin Franklin or the farming community had nothing to do with it. In fact, most farmers I know are just as annoyed as you are at having to change their clocks twice a year.

To celebrate the end of DST, check out 10 of our favorite funny Daylight Savings Time memes:

There are always those people on Facebook who feel the need to complain about everything. Even though they have an extra hour to be lazy on a Sunday, they’ll find something they don’t like about sleep or relaxation.

I will be asking everyone this question for at least the next week. Also, I really want to watch Jumanji now (or any Robin Williams movie, actually).

Cher never fails to make me smile. (Also, I now have this song stuck in my head.)

Truth. I don’t mind the extra sleep part of Daylight Savings Time. But the fact that my biological clock will be off for at least a week leaves me mildly annoyed.

Anyone else super thankful that we got to “fall behind” today? Because losing an hour of sleep is the absolute worst.

You can never go wrong with a good Princess Bride Daylight Saving Time meme.

Did you know that Arizona and Hawaii don’t observe Daylight Savings Time? That means everyone who lives in these two states laughs at the rest of us twice a year when we complain about the time change.

This was my face when I woke up this morning and realized I really didn’t have to get out of bed yet.

…And this was the reaction I got from my dog, who just licked my face and begged to go outside at her “normal” time.

Not going to lie, this Daylight Savings Time memes was me this morning. I still had to search “What time is it right now?” to make sure my cell phone was correct.

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