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Republican David Jolly Thinks We Need a Democratic House For Gun Control

He makes a valid point.

Republican David Jolly Thinks We Need a Democratic House For Gun Control
Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

A former Republican member of Congress made a remarkable statement on to Don Lemon on CNN last night after a school shooting that left 17 dead and 14 more injured.

David Jolly, a Florida Republican, suggested that unless they are willing to act on gun control, Republicans should be voted out of office. He also suggested the the best thing for the country would be if Democrats were to retake control of the US House of Representatives in November.


"Republicans will never do anything on gun control," Jolly told Lemon. "The idea of gun policy in the Republican party is to try to get a speaking slot at the NRA and prove to that constituency that you are further right."

Jolly went on to say that if Republicans don't cooperate, Democrats should work directly with law enforcement to enhance gun safety and enact measures that will protect the public. "We do know that we have a president who very well might put this nation at risk and this Republican Congress has done nothing to check his power," he added. "Democrats could, and we might be better off as a republic if they take the House in 2018."


People took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

"Gun Laws can and should be changed in order to prevent further mass shootings!" one Twitter user said.

"Federal gun laws do not permit someone under the age of 21 to purchase a hand gun. However if you are 18 years old you can purchase an AR-15. Which is exactly what the Parkland school shooter did. Does this make any sense to any sane person?" Michael asked.

No, it doesn't make any sense, Michael. But the GOP is a nearly wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Rifle Association.

This heartbreaking post by Marlyn DiTommaso nearly says it all. "This is the sad truth.
But GOP voters your children are being gunned down too. When is life worth more than money? Our country does need thoughts and prayers for its own misguided direction."