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Actor Dave Bautista Offers $5k Reward To Bring 'Sick Piece Of Sh*t' Who Abused Puppy To Justice

Actor Dave Bautista Offers $5k Reward To Bring 'Sick Piece Of Sh*t' Who Abused Puppy To Justice

WARNING: disturbing images of animal abuse

Dave Bautista is seeking justice for an abused dog.

The pro-wrestler turned actor took to Instagram earlier this month, offering a cash reward for anyone who could help in finding the people who abused an adorable puppy, named Sage.

"I will personally hand $5000 cash to the person who gives information leading to the arrest and conviction of the sick piece of sh*t responsible for this."

Bautista's cash reward was on top of a $1500 reward from theTampa Bay Humane Society.

Maria Matlack, the director of marketing for the Tampa Bay Humane Society, told The Huffington Post the traumatizing ordeal Sage went through.

"Sage came to us after she was found by a good samaritan in a cemetery eating trash."
"She had an awful open wound on her neck with a chain embedded in her skin with a chain dangling, It was very disturbing."

Bautista's fans, as well as a few celebrity friends, expressed their horror at the ordeal Sage went through in the comments section.

They also commended the Guardian's of the Galaxy star in his quest to avenge the abused pup.





The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan even offered to up the ante in the reward money for finding the canine abusers.


While the culprits of this cruel and heinous act still have yet to be caught, Bautista did offer some good news in an update on Instagram.

He has since adopted Sage.

Though the dog now goes by Penny.

Seated next to Luis Safe, founder of the Tampa based dog training service SafeK9, who has also been helping in the search for Penny's abusers,, Bautista once again reminded viewers of the cash reward.

At the end of the video, Bautista was handed the recovered puppy, whom he promised will remain happy and healthy from now on.

"She is now a Bautista, and she will never be abused again a day in her life, not a second in her life."
"She's about to live her best puppy life ever."

Fans and friends of the star of the forthcoming Dune were overcome with emotion in the comments section, both at Bautista's generosity, and at the sight of the recovered Penny.






The proud dog Papa shared another heartwarming video on Instagram a few days later, showing the now thriving Penny and welcoming the brave puppy into his home.

Bautista also took the post as an opportunity to promote the adoption of rescue dogs.

"She survived a nightmare. Now she's living the puppy dream."
"Please don't make her story an exception. #AdoptDontShop."

Penny joins two other rescue dogs owned by Bautista—Maggie and Ollie—both of whom were adopted through the Pitbull Mafia of South Tampa.

Safe went on to tell The Huffington Post Penny and Bautista were a match made in doggy heaven, admiring what a resilient little dog Penny is.

"You wouldn't even be able to tell she's gone through so much if you don't look at her scars."

SafeK9 also gave a shoutout to Bautista on Instagram, featuring an adorable snapshot of the former WWE star and his new addition, and callng Bautista a "real life superhero".

Matlack also expressed his relief and gratitude over Penny's swift change in circumstance, grateful such a heartbreaking beginning came to such a happy ending.

"She went from eating trash out of a cemetery with a chain embedded in her neck to leaving our shelter in a Rolls-Royce in just a matter of days."

Any information regarding Penny's attackers should be sent to either the Humane Society of Tampa Bay or SafeK9.