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Conservative Talk Show Host Roasted For Claiming 'Barack Obama Destroyed Rock 'N Roll'

Daily Wire; Theo Wargo/Getty Images for CARE

You might assume now that he's been out of office for nearly five years, conservatives would stop reflexively blaming former Democratic President Barack Obama for every little thing they don't like.

But you'd be wrong.

Jeremy Boering, a conservative talk show host for far-right media outlet Daily Wire, claimed—without irony—Obama destroyed rock 'n roll. Yes, you read that right.

Rock 'n roll is over, which is certainly news to anyone with ears. And it's all Obama's fault.

Naturally, the internet is absolutely roasting him for his comments, which you can see below.

It's also worth noting while Boering spends his time dog-whistling at racists on a Daily Wire talk show, Barack Obama has among his gigs a post as co-host of a podcast with rock 'n roll royalty Bruce Springsteen.

Your move, Jeremy.