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'The Daily Show' Asked Shoe Fans To Review Trump's New Sneakers—And It's Hilariously Brutal

Josh Johnson asked fashionistas to give their honest feedback about Trump's new $399 shoes in a hilarious segment on 'The Daily Show.'

Screenshots of Donald Trump with sneakers and a man who gave his opinions about them
The Daily Show/YouTube

Former President Donald Trump's foray into the sneaker market faced harsh criticism on a recent segment of The Daily Show after comedian Josh Johnson presented Trump's new shoe line to sneaker enthusiasts, asking them if they would "cop or drop" the Trump-branded sneakers, which Trump launched at the "Sneaker Con" event over the weekend, retailing at $399 a pair.

The responses were less than favorable, with one person noting that while there are no strict "rules in fashion," they "personally would not wear them." Another gave a definitive "hard pass," criticizing the shoes for looking "very 2009, dated" and "trying to be chic but also very nationalistic." The same person said the shoes are so lackluster that no one would steal them.

Still another joked that while the shoes would not lead the wearer to be "indicted by the judicial system," they would absolutely lead to "being indicted by society." One man even said that in the event Trump goes to prison, the shoes will probably go for "$20K ... because people go for that."

Guest host Desi Lydic jokingly praised the shoes with the following remark:

“Finally! A sneaker that won’t make me feel bad when I accidentally step in s**t. No, I'm kidding. This is actually the perfect shoe to tell the world that you’re about to lose a game of one-on-one by 50 points.”

You can watch what happened in the video below.

Trump Debuts New Cologne and Sneakers & Nikki Haley Won't Drop Out | The Daily

Social media users couldn't help but offer commentary of their own.

Trump introduced the new sneakers at "Sneaker Con," where he received both boos and cheers from the audience.

The shiny gold high tops feature an American flag detail on the back and are named "Never Surrender High-Tops." They are priced at $399 and sold on a new website that also offers other Trump-branded shoes, along with "Victory47" cologne and perfume for $99 a bottle.

The website, operated by CIC Ventures LLC, a company Trump reported owning in his 2023 financial disclosure, claims to be non-political and unrelated to any political campaign. Despite this, it promotes the sneakers as a limited-edition, numbered "true collector's item" that is "Bold, gold, and tough, just like President Trump."