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Dad Picks Up the Wrong Dog From the Groomers—And Becomes the Laughing Stock of the Internet


22-year-old Alex and his family have had their dog Nieves since she was only 8 weeks old. Like any family pooch, she is a beloved member of the family that has to be groomed every so often. When the appointment is done it has always been Alex's father's job to pick her up from the groomer. On May 2, however, Alex's Dad made an unfortunate mistake: he picked up the wrong dog.

Apparently, according to Alex's father, there were two Maltese pups waiting to be taken home at the same time. With a 50/50 chance of guessing which one was his, he sadly picked wrong. This new dog didn't make things easy, however:

According to him it was because the dog acted normal and followed him to the car and even jumped in as soon as he opened the door.

At first, Alex's father wouldn't believe he'd grabbed the wrong dog, but he started to think something might be wrong when Alex's brother also chimed in:

My brother and I died of laughter and asked why he would take the dog home if he thought something was off. He said, "I thought I was getting old and my eyes were betraying me." We told him he has to go back to return her, and he said, "Yeah, I have to fix this before mom gets home."

Twitter was in tears over the whole story:

Alex's brother also got a lot of Twitter's attention...

One thing is certain: Alex's dad learned his lesson. Before coming home with the real Nieve, he checked to be sure he had the right one.

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