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Chris Cuomo and Kellyanne Conway Spar Over Trump Women's March Tweet

Nice try, Kellyanne.

Chris Cuomo and Kellyanne Conway Spar Over Trump Women's March Tweet
YouTube: CNN

It's no secret that CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway have had a bit of a rocky on-air relationship. And Monday night was no different.

Conway was technically on CNN to talk about the government shutdown and subsequent reopening, but it didn't take long for things to take a turn, as they tend to do between these two.

It all started when Cuomo asked Conway if she'd be returning after the commercial break, which was met with silence by Conway. Cuomo quipped that "silence means acceptance."

So when the program returned from commercial, Conway broke right into a debate about the implications behind "silence means acceptance."

"In this climate, nobody wants to say that," Conway remarked. After some confusion from Cuomo, Conway clarified, "Silence equals acceptance. I think that people who were marching on Saturday would disagree."

"Oh, the Women's March," Cuomo exclaimed. "The one where the president was tweeting that all the people were out there marching to say how great he's done?"

"No no no, how great the economy is," Conway corrected. "We have the lowest unemployment rate in 17 years."

"You know that's not why they were marching," Cuomo fired back.

He continued: "Isn't that insulting to all those women out there who are looking for leadership and looking for someone to get behind them? And instead, he makes a joke about their march?"

Still, Conway pressed on, saying it was "no joke," to which Cuomo responded: "And it's no joke that they don't get equal pay and women like you have been forced to do it twice as hard as men to get to the same place. And it's not right. And you know it and I know it. And you guys are in a position to do something about it and instead he's tweeting, you know, a little tongue and cheek about it. Why? Why wasn't he out there?"

Watch the exchange for yourself:

Many viewers didn't understand why Cuomo would keep inviting Conway onto his show, especially when she seems to spout misinformation like it's nobody's business:

Even Rosie O'Donnell questioned why Cuomo would keep inviting Conway back in a fiery tweet:

I mean, she has a point, right?


So, while CNN may be searching for facts from Conway and falling short, at least they provide some awkward, tense entertainment:

Ummm. We certainly hope not.


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