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Ted Cruz Makes Bizarre Joke About Size Of Eric Swalwell's Junk—And Swalwell Has Epic Reaction

After Cruz made a dig at the size of Swalwell's manhood while talking about tuck-friendly swimwear, Swalwell dragged him on X, formerly Twitter.

Ted Cruz; Eric Swalwell
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images; Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

California Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell had an epic reaction to a bizarre joke Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz made about Swalwell's penis size.

During a conversation with conservative commentator and podcaster Benny Johnson, Cruz discussed tuck-friendly swimwear being sold at Target.

Tuck-friendly swimwear is swimwear that transgender women or drag queens can wear if they wish to hide more prominent genitalia—and which conservatives, as part of a broader anti-LGBTQ+ backlash, have falsely claimed are being marketed to children.

At one point, out of the blue, Johnson asked Cruz if Swalwell "wears a tuck-friendly swimsuit," to which Cruz gave the following response:

“He may be wearing one right now.. to be fair in order to have a tuck-friendly swimsuit, you have to have something to tuck.” ...
“You’re going to get me into trouble for that! I’m just making an observation about anatomy. Let me be clear, I’m not a biologist so how can I know?”

You can hear Cruz's remarks in the video below.

The video of Cruz's remarks soon caught Swalwell's attention, who responded on X, formerly Twitter, by posting a screenshot of Johnson’s post and said:

“Nothing to see here. Just 2 anti-gay Republicans riding around on a Friday night in a prom limo talking about my…”

You can see Swalwell's response below.

Many have criticized Cruz as a result.

Though conservatives have circulated online claims that Target offers a children's bathing suit labeled as "tuck-friendly" in its Pride collection, an Associated Press fact-check has determined that such claims are false.

According to a Target spokesperson and information available on the company's website, the "tuck-friendly" swimsuits are solely available in adult sizes. The children's swimsuits within the Pride collection do not carry this designation.

Photos and videos depicting colorful one-piece and black swim bottoms are evidently identified on Target's website as adult swimsuits, available in general adult sizing, with the smallest size being adult XS.