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Creepy Resurfaced David Letterman Interview With Jennifer Aniston Is Making People's Skin Crawl

Statia Photography/Getty ImagesSteve Granitz/WireImage via Getty Images

More vintage David Letterman interviews are coming to the surface. Unfortunately they're all casting a very negative light on Letterman and his show.

When Jennifer Aniston was promoting her film The Object Of Affection in 1998, she appeared on the show and things got weird very, VERY quickly.

Letterman gets behind Aniston , wraps his hand around her neck and tries to put her hair in his mouth.

Why? No idea.

He simply prefaced it with wanting to "try something."

Aniston was clearly uncomfortable.

The audience cannot be heard laughing. In other words, this gesture made the entire studio uncomfortable.

"People are horrified, I know. We'll take it out in editing," Letterman says.

Letterman then denied sucking on Aniston's hair, which he most certainly did do, as anybody with eyes could see.

He also said Aniston "ruined the experience" for him by screaming while he assaulted her.

While we increasingly leave things like this—including the way Letterman put Lindsay Lohan on the spot for her upcoming stint in rehab—in the past, the fact they were allowed to happen at all should make us all uncomfortable.