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Courteney Cox Was Moving A Table And Couldn't Pass Up An Opportunity To Quote A Classic 'Friends' Scene

@courteneycoxofficial / Instagram , @leeno3610/Instagram, Steve Granitz / Contributor / Getty Images

Fans of Friends will enjoy Courteney Cox's newest Instagram video. In it, she has three people helping her to move a large desk down the hall and into another room. Courteney begins by offering advice, yelling "Pivot!" several times.

Fans of the show might recognize the line from a scene with Ross, played by David Schwimmer, and Chandler, played by Matthew Perry. In the iconic scene, Ross and Chandler are attempting to move a very large couch up a flight of stairs and find it tricky to maneuver it properly.

Earlier in the scene, Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston, attempted to help Ross move the couch up the stairs by herself. They were unsuccessful, and this led to the couch being dropped over the railing and back to the ground floor.

A later attempt with Ross, Chandler, and Rachel results in Chandler becoming pinned between the couch and the stair wall, and the couch getting stuck. All-in-all a complete (but hilarious) disaster. Chandler's response of "Shut up, shut up, Shut uuup!" was the icing on the cake.

Pivot! | Friends | TBS

The table in Courteney's Instagram story proved to be a bit less of a challenge, but it wasn't all smooth sailing.

Quite a few people professed their love of the iconic scene.

Several people confessed to reenacting the scene themselves.

Many fans will be glad to know that even after the nearly 15 years since the last episode of Friends, the show's stars still remember and find joy in it.