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Constituent Compares MTG To Woman Who 'Got Emmett Till Killed' In Fiery Town Hall Exchange

One of the constituents at the GOP Georgia Rep.'s recent town hall meeting put her on blast for calling Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman 'aggressive.'

Marjory Taylor Greene; Georgia voter

A Georgia voter put Republican Representative Marjory Taylor Greene on blast during a town hall-style event and called her "reckless" for her remarks aimed at Democratic New York Representative Jamaal Bowman.

Last month, a fiery shouting match erupted on the steps of the U.S. Capitol between MTG and Bowman over serial liar and indicted Republican New York Representative George Santos.

Following the loud confrontation, the far-right Congresswoman called the Democratic lawmaker "aggressive" and that she felt “threatened by him."

In response to her comments being seen as a racially-charged dog whistle, Bowman told reporters:

"She’s not even using a dog whistle."
"She’s using a bullhorn to put a target on my back to the people she refers to as MAGA people out there who might want to cause harm.”

At the recent town hall meeting, an MTG constituent confronted her and asked her if she was familiar with the case of a 1955 Mississippi lynching of a 14-year-old Black teenager, Emmett Till.

“Do you know who Carolyn Donham is?" asked the constituent, referring to the 21-year-old white woman who accused Till of making improper advances to her at a grocery store that resulted in his abduction, torture, and lynching.

Ex-GOP official Ron Filipkowski shared a Twitter video, which you can see here.

The woman continued to explain who Donham was:

“She was the woman who said that Emmett Till looked at her the wrong way, or said something to her, the way you did Jamaal Bowman..."

When MTG supporters in the room interrupted the woman with jeers and boos, she said:

“Would you be quiet? I have the right to say what I want to say.”

The woman continued to address MTG and suggested her words leveled at Bowman at the Capital steps had dangerous implications.

She said:

“I think you’re reckless. You had no business saying, ‘Oh, he’s so big. Oh, I feel so, like, he’s gonna hurt me'.”
“It’s the same thing Carolyn Donham said that got Emmett Till killed, and that was reckless, and you did a reckless thing."

She added:

"And if anything happens to Jamaal Bowman, it’s going to be on your hands."

Twitter was impressed by the fearless constituent.

A defensive Greene fired back:

“Let me ask you, were you in New York when he stood outside my car… and he brought a crowd around me? Were you there?”
“No, you were not in New York City when that happened. It’s on video, it’s on video, and you may watch the video."
"And you can see how he cussed. That’s wrong. This isn’t about skin color. I refuse, I refuse for you to do that.”

The Capitol encounter was in response to Democratic New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bowman strongly objecting to the House's resolution to expel lying GOP Representative George Santos to the Ethics Committee instead of removing him from Congress immediately following the federal indictment filed against him.

Bowman and Greene then had a heated barb in which he said the GOP was “hanging on by a thread" and he suggested that Greene needed to save her party with “no more QAnon, no more MAGA, no more debt ceiling nonsense.”

Greene responded by chanting “Impeach Biden.”

When Bowman told Greene the GOP needed to “do something about guns,” Greene replied:

“Right, so close the border.”

Greene told reporters Bowman led a "mob" when she flew to New York to protest the indictment of former Republican President Trump on felony charges of falsifying business records.

Greene said Bowman was shouting “at the top of his lungs" during their quarrel and called her a White supremacist. She said it was a “great offense.”

She continued:

“That is like calling a person of color the N-word, which should never happen."
"Calling me a White supremacist is equal to that and that is wrong.”

Following the incident, Bowman told reporters:

“Unfortunately, this country has a history of characterizing Black men who are outspoken, who stand their ground and who push back as being threatening or intimidating."

He added that Greene's characterization of him was “reckless and dangerous.”

“And unfortunately, white supremacists—historically—this is what they do.”
“They try to dehumanize Black people, Black skin and the Black humanity so that they can be more likely to be targeted for harm.”