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Comedian Leaves MAGA Fan Speechless After She Claims Obama Is Secretly 'Calling The Shots'

Davram Stiefler, of the comedy duo The Good Liars, left a Trump supporter tongue-tied after questioning her logic when she claimed Obama was secretly pulling the strings for President Biden despite claiming Biden isn't really President.

Screenshots of Davram Stiefler interviewing Trump supporter

The Good Liars, a comedy duo known for lampooning American politics, went viral once again after sharing a video of a Trump supporter they left tongue-tied after questioning her logic when she claimed former President Barack Obama was secretly pulling the strings for President Joe Biden—despite claiming Biden isn't really the President.

In a video shared on X, formerly Twitter, Davram Stiefler, one half of the duo, spoke to a North Carolina woman proudly displaying a "Trump 2024 Or Before" banner. When asked about Donald Trump's current status, she confidently claimed, "I believe he is" still the president.

Stiefler, however, pointed out that Biden currently resides in the White House. In response, the woman redirected blame to Obama, accusing him of orchestrating global chaos:

"Obama has been the president. Obama said that he would like to run a third term if he could sit in his basement and call the shots and that's exactly what he's doing."

When Stiefler pointed out that she'd just said that we are in "Obama's third term" even though she just said Trump is in office, the woman doubled down but fumbled her way through her response:

"He's calling the shots. All this mess that's going on right now in all the disasters that he's caused ... Obama is sitting back and telling Obama, telling Biden what he should, what, what to do."

When asked what is Biden's role if he isn't the President, she said Biden "is a bumbling fool right now" but could not provide a proper answer, staring blankly when asked why would it matter "Obama was telling Biden what to do if Biden wasn't the president."

You can watch the exchange in the video below.

Many were amused, if taken aback, by the interaction and what it says about Trump supporters who've bought into outlandish conspiracies.

The Good Liars have previously showcased what can only be described as an alternate reality of sorts among Trump supporters that highlights the strength of Trump's cult of personality.

For instance, in 2022, social media users were left dumbfounded after one of Trump's ardent supporters insisted Biden is in fact dead and the imposter is actually just actor Jim Carrey in a mask.

The woman, who wore a T-shirt bearing an animated likeness of Trump, claimed "the person that’s doing the stand-up job of trying to wake people up, is an actor wearing a mask."

She said she believes "there are several different people playing Joe Biden at this point." The woman then referenced a moment last year when Biden fell three times walking up the stairs of Air Force One, saying she thinks "that was Jim Carrey," who was “being silly by falling up the stairs three different times."