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A Whole Bunch Of Coffee Machines Apparently Sound A Lot Like The Opening Of Britney Spears' Song 'Stronger'

Britney Spears/YouTube; @saaasdfghjkl/Twitter

Happy New Year!

Would you say 2020 has you feelin' stronger than yesterday?

What could easily be anybody's anthem for a new year, Britney Spears' "Stronger," has been coming up a lot across the internet lately for a really odd reason.

If you need a quick refresher of the song, here it is:

Britney Spears - Stronger

The part you'll want to pay special attention to comes in around 12 seconds.

People across the Internet are saying that that little sound around 12 seconds in is being replicated by various coffee machines, and that that has been happening as far back as 2010.

Our most recent pioneer discovered this miracle fact just a few days ago, on 12/26 at her hotel.

It really really does, no?

And her tweet blew up as people rejoiced in various ways, including making a mashup of the coffee maker and the music video.

And as this seems to be a standard noise for a coffee maker to make.

You, reader, may also have a coffee maker that sounds like Britney's "Stronger."

Go give your coffee maker a try and see if you, too, have accidentally entrapped Britney.

The album The Essential Britney Spears is available here.