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CNN Reporter's Attempt At Filming In The Middle Of A Group Of Turkeys Goes Hilariously Awry

CNN Reporter's Attempt At Filming In The Middle Of A Group Of Turkeys Goes Hilariously Awry

A CNN reporter attempted to cover the global supply chain disruptions and labor shortage situation in the UK from a field of turkeys.

To say it didn't go smoothly was an understatement.

"Turns out what turkeys REALLY like is a good laugh, at my expense," tweeted CNN reporter Ann Stewart.

"Sound up…No shortage of outtakes today at @KellyBronze Farm."

Stewart was reporting from Kelly Bronze farm in Danbury, Essex, England to discuss how deliveries for Christmas turkeys could be halted this season due to the shortage of delivery truck drivers.

But before she could complete her opening statement while being surrounded by a huge flock of turkeys, Stewart was startled after she was pecked in the leg by one of her new feathered friends.

Her high-pitched outburst followed by her giggling elicited yelps from among the turkeys, resulting in a cacophonic chorus.

Twitter gobbled up the haywire hilarity.

Turkey farmer Paul Kelly of KellyBronze Turkeys told Sky News in September how a holiday tradition could be canceled this year if the "perfect storm" of farming industry issues—like the shortage of carbon dioxide (CO2), decreased poultry farm laborers and lack of deliverers—are not resolved.

Industry leaders say CO2 is used for the humane slaughter of livestock and to prolong the shelf-life of products.

But, some animal experts believe the shortage of CO2 could lead to other opportunities for humane slaughter methods.

When asked what the UK government could do to help with the current farming crisis, Kelly suggested they need to "make decisions, and quickly" if citizens are hoping to enjoy a traditional holiday feast.

"We've been talking about this since March of this year, telling them what the problems are gonna takes them so long to make a decision, to act and do something."