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CNN Reporter Hilariously Fends Off Advancing Raccoon As He Waits To Go Live Outside White House


While attempting to film a segment on CNN, reporter Joe Johns was a trash panda.

That's right—the first part of his segment was largely overshadowed by Johns telling a little racoon to "git!" as well as trying to scare it away.

After, he went back to reporting.

The clip then cut to a second raccoon encounter.

"Friggin' raccoons man! Again! God, it's the second time."

Johns later said:

"Raccoons, stand back."
"It always comes around right around when I'm gonna go on TV."

People on Twitter noticed the parallel between Joe Johns' segment and Parks & Recreation.

Johns confirmed no raccoons were harmed.

As Autumn advances, small animals like raccoons are foraging heavily to get through the Winter.

Johns should count himself lucky. Instead of Rocket, it could have been Pepé Le Pew.