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CNN Host Calls Out Hypocrisy Of Matt Gaetz Whining About 'Cancel Culture' After He Cancels Liz Cheney

CNN Host Calls Out Hypocrisy Of Matt Gaetz Whining About 'Cancel Culture' After He Cancels Liz Cheney
CNN/YouTube; Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming was one of ten Republican members of the House of Representatives who chose to vote for the resolution to impeach former President Trump for incitement of insurrection.

Because of this, she has become a target from those Republicans who still want to remain on Trump's good side, including Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida. He even flew to Wyoming's capital for the express purpose of criticizing Cheney for her vote. And through it all, Gaetz was complaining about "cancel culture."

This past Thursday Erin Burnett, the host of CNN's "Out Front", railed against Gaetz's hypocrisy.

In the clip, she points out it's rather rich of Gaetz to be talking about cancel culture when he flew to the capital of a state he doesn't represent to "cancel" a fellow member of his party because she refused to go along with "the big lie" that former President Trump actually won the election.

Trump lost to President Joe Biden by over 7 million votes in the popular election and 74 votes in the electoral college tally. Despite repeatedly alleging voter fraud, no one on Trump's team has produced evidence to back their claims.

Burnett states:

"For a party that rails against cancel culture, they sure are canceling a lot of people. They love the word cancel culture."
"Canceling Liz Cheney, that's the latest. She happened to speak the truth."

She played clips of Gaetz talking about cancel culture, after which she offered this criticism:

"It seems that Matt Gaetz should probably... I mean, if he's consistent, be outraged at Matt Gaetz."

She closes by playing a clip of Gaetz saying:

"I'm not for cancel culture."

Before quipping:

"Well, except for, you are."

Many agreed with Burnett.

Some pointed out hypocrisy from the MAGA-verse is nothing new.

And many were completely done with Matt Gaetz.

Where the Republican Party Civil War is going, only time will tell.