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Hillary Clinton Takes A Swipe At Trump's Pandemic Response By Using His Own Slogan Against Him

Since her loss in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton has mostly withdrawn from the political scene, though she occasionally resurfaces on Twitter to throw some epic shade towards Donald Trump.

As cases of the virus seem to be spiking in the U.S. in the absence of a coordinated national response, Clinton used one of President Trump's most famous slogans to make it clear who she thought was to blame.

The internet never fails to appreciate a quality burn when it sees one.

This is far from the first time Clinton has lashed out at the President for his handling of the virus.

Others on Twitter followed Clinton's lead and used the President's own words to take him down.

Many felt unsurprised that the nation has dealt with a crisis so poorly with Trump at the helm.

Who knows how our country might be faring under Clinton leadership.

For now, Secretary Clinton remains Twitter's queen of shade.