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Tech CEO Ripped For Boasting About Employee Who Sold Family Dog To Return To The Office

In a recent town hall, Clearlink CEO James Clarke touted an employee who sold their family dog to return to work at the office post-Covid, then challenged all workers to make similar sacrifices to 'outwork him.'

Screenshot of Clearlink CEO, James Clarke
New York Post video/New York Post

Finding a work/life balance is always a challenge.

COVID-19 and working from home shook that up for many people. Now with calls to return to offices, people are finding themselves faced with new challenges.

One employee of tech company Clearlink ended up selling their dog in order to commit more to the company.

Clearlink CEO, James Clarke, not only thought this concession was OK, he applauded it.

In a recent virtual town hall, James Clarke said, “I learned from one of our leaders that in the midst of hearing this message, went out and sold their family dog which breaks my heart.”

He went on, “Truly those are the sacrifices that are being made and I honor you for those sacrifices and what is taking place here.”

Watch part of the speech here.

James Clarke even challenged his employees to try to outwork him then claimed no one could.

Twitter has a few things to say to the CEO.

With a company culture that toxic, there may not be a company to work so hard for very much longer