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Ciara Hilariously Shuts Down Criticism Of Her See-Through Dress At 'Vanity Fair' Oscar Party

The singer called out the 'selective outrage' on TikTok after backlash to her see-through Dundas dress.

Lionel Hahn/Getty Images

Ciara's outfit at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on Sunday night drew quite the online criticism from social media users, and the singer hilariously responded.

Ciara attended the after party with her husband Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson in a halter sheer mesh Dundas dress with crystal embellishments.

She completed the look with a visible black thong, nude pasties and elbow-length black velvet gloves.

You can see the look here:

The "Goodies" singer looked absolutely stunning.

Ciara was one of many stars who followed the sheer dress trend at the event. But Twitter was flooded with negative comments about the Christian mother dressing "like a slut."

Wonderfully responding to all the pearl clutchers, Ciara took to TikTok to reveal an outfit that *may possibly* appease the masses - a white sheet covering her from chin to toe.

She used red carpet paparazzi audio with the text:

"POV: How I'm pulling up to Vanity Fair next year 😂"

Selective outrage 😭

Ciara captioned her video, "Selective outrage 😭," which is appropriate given...

... and

Oh wait, wrong one.

People on social media defended Ciara and agreed the backlash is, indeed, born out of selective outrage.

While others stated the issue is that she "doesn't dress like a married woman."

And others noted regardless of anyone's opinion of the dress, she looked incredible.

Clearly, Ciara was not phased, though, as she posted some pics on Instagram sporting a high-cut body suit and heels with the caption:

"Get that money sis, keep them on they tip 📞"