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GOP Candidate Claims He's Done 'More For Climate Change Than Anyone' Because He Owns A Garden Center

GOP Candidate Claims He's Done 'More For Climate Change Than Anyone' Because He Owns A Garden Center
Chuck Morse for NH/Facebook

Chuck Morse, a New Hampshire Republican who has served twice as President of the New Hampshire Senate and represents the state's 22nd State Senate district, batted away concerns about his record of opposing carbon-cutting policies, saying that he has done “more for climate change than anyone" because he owns a garden center.

Morse's comments came as he faces increased scrutiny while campaigning for a Senate Seat in the United States Senate. He accused his critics of hypocrisy while falsely asserting that he has actually championed measures to address the climate crisis.

You can hear Morse's remarks in the video below.

Morse said:

“The part that bothers me most is these people that get on airplanes and fly on their little junkets and drink their wine and basically start to discuss how they’re going to change the world, and they do it only in the United States."
"I do more for climate change than anyone else out there."
"I planted more trees than any of the candidates that are running together, you know, at any point in time.”

However, Morse's record speaks for itself.

He voted twice against a bill that increases the electric generating capacity of customer-generators who may participate in net energy metering and voted against passing a conference report that expands protections for wetlands.

Morse has also voted against a measure to establish a greenhouse gas rebate program to encourage energy efficiency and greater use of clean energy sources, come out against a bill that authorizes new solar energy projects, and even voted to override a veto of a bill that repeals New Hampshire's Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative cap and trade program.

Many have criticized Morse for his remarks while others have come out against his campaign.

Morse was re-elected to his state Senate seat in 2020, when Republicans regained the majority. He formally declared his candidacy for the U.S. Senate last week, becoming the third Republican to officially enter the campaign for the U.S. Senate Republican nomination in New Hampshire.

He was widely viewed as a potential gubernatorial contender in 2022 and reportedly surprised members of his party when he announced his Senate candidacy.