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GOP Rep. Swiftly Fact-Checked After Using Old Photo Of Migrants At Border To Attack Biden

Republican Rep. Chuck Edwards shared a photo of migrants in Mexico with a picture of Biden overlayed saying 'I did that!'—except the photo is from 2018.

Chuck Edwards; Joe Biden
U.S. House of Representatives; Alex Wong/Getty Images

North Carolina Republican Representative Chuck Edwards was called out after sharing a photo of migrants in Mexico with a picture of President Joe Biden overlayed saying "I did that!"

There's a major problem though: The photo Edwards used is from 2018, when former President Donald Trump was in office.

An X Community Note beneath his post notes that the picture "is from 2018 when Donald Trump was President" and links to a Politico article titled "Trump: Military will defend border from caravan ‘invasion’" that uses the photo.

The report itself notes that at the time Trump "characterized a group of migrants headed toward the United States as an invading force, adding that the U.S military would meet them at the border."

You can see Edwards' post and the photo below.

Chuck Edwards' altered 2018 photo falsely attributing migrant crisis to Biden@RepChuckEdwards/X

Activist Ron Filipkowski, the editor-in-chief of the website for liberal PAC MeidasTouch, also pointed out that the photo was "taken outside Arriaga, Mexico," adding:

"I think someone else was president then."

You can see his post below.

Edwards was swiftly called out.

Edwards' post came after the collapse of a bipartisan $118 billion proposal that would have addressed immigration policy changes and aid for Ukraine and Israel.

President Joe Biden had earlier emphasized the bill's significance, describing it as incorporating "the most fair, humane reforms" in the immigration system and presenting robust border security measures. He criticized Trump for pressuring Republican lawmakers to oppose the bill, which House Speaker Mike Johnson claimed was "absurd."

Johnson has dismissed suggestions that his opposition to a bipartisan border deal is aimed at giving Trump an advantage in the 2024 presidential election. He adamantly refuted the notion that his actions were politically motivated but nonetheless acknowledged engaging in discussions with Trump regarding the legislation.

The White House has attributed the bill's collapse to Johnson, suggesting he orchestrated its failure so Republicans can retain a major talking point through the remainder of the election cycle.