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Chris Pratt Hit With Backlash Over Post Mocking Celebrities Who've Encouraged Their Fans To Vote


As the November elections approach, many celebrities have been using their positions of power and notoriety to encourage fans to exercise their constitutional rights.

Chris Pratt, however, took a different tack on Instagram.

While promoting his movie, Onward, the actor made fun of celebrities who encourage their followers to vote.

While there's nothing wrong with promoting a movie you're proud of, many on Twitter felt Pratt's choice to do so by making fun of calls to vote was unnecessary.

Others pointed out that Pratt's own wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, had made the exact kind of post he was making fun of!

People on social media were outraged that Chris Pratt took the upcoming elections so lightly.

On Twitter, Chris Pratt has long been cultivating a reputation as "the worst Chris."

Chris Pratt may not care about people voting, but many Americans' lives are dependent on the outcome of the elections.

In 2020, absolutely nothing has been normal.

As November 3rd approaches, be sure to make a plan to vote!

Whether you decide to vote in person, early, or via mail-in ballot, there has never been a more important time to make your voice heard.