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Chris Hemsworth And Ryan Reynolds Are Ready To Switch Marvel Characters Thanks To Their Unruly Kids πŸ˜‚

On Saturday, August 11, Chris Hemsworth (star of Marvel's Thor) was celebrating his birthday with his family when, out of nowhere, his son attacked him from behind! The vicious ninja ambush forced Hemsworth's face into a birthday cake filled with lit candles.

Posting the story on Twitter, Hemsworth commented his burnt cheeks might make him the perfect Deadpool if Ryan Reynolds ever dropped out of the part. Reynolds responded as only he can.

Reynolds suggested a Trading Places scenario might be in order...

Twitter was fairly concerned...

But not too concerned to get excited about a Thor/Deadpool crossover.

The comics have teased this unexpected team-up in the past!

Since Deadpool is still owned by 20th Century Fox, however, the logistics of such an event are all but impossible.

But that won't stop fans from dreaming.

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