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Chris Evans Wants To Be In A Musical—And Fans Are Gleefully Casting Him In Things Left And Right

CJ Rivera/FilmMagic/GettyImages, @broadwaycom/Twitter

Chris Evans recently hinted at a retirement from acting.

He told The Hollywood Insider of his ambitions post-Captain America – a transition fans are not looking forward to as the forthcoming Avengers: Endgame will reveal how Evans' character will make his exit.

But among those ambitions that included directing, the 37-year-old expressed interest in something else on his bucket list, and it's something to sing about.

The superhero wants a reprieve from saving the world and swap out his shield for a top hat and a cane.

Yes, the hunk has desires of soft-shoeing, and we're all for it.

"I want to do a musical so badly," said Evans.

"Someone told me they're [remaking] Little Shop of Horrors and I was like, 'Oh, can I be down? Please? Can I be the dentist?'"

Broadway, are you listening? Because this needs to happen.

Everyone wants to see Chris Evans conquer the stage in a musical.

And the ideas are already pouring in with Twitter becoming the casting director.

Something's coming. We don't know what it is, but it's gonna be great.

Or a new musical adaptation like Princess Bride would be fab.

Evans is already a Broadway veteran. He made his debut in Kenneth Lonergan's Lobby Hero.

Now let's give the man a song and dance routine going. See you in the front row!