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CBS Employees Are Calling For Full Transparency Surrounding Les Moonves Investigation

CBS Employees Are Calling For Full Transparency Surrounding Les Moonves Investigation
Photo by Steve Granitz-WireImage/CBS This Morning

The employees of CBS are not being shy about calling for transparency when it comes to their former boss and allegations of sexual abuse.

With the recent departure of disgraced CBS Chief Les Moonves over a long history of sexual assaults, employees of CBS including This Morning host, Gayle King, and creator and star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rachel Bloom, are calling for the truth to come out with full transparency.

Bloom sent the following tweet over the weekend in regards to the millions in severance pay Moonves was potentially being awarded. It has since been decided that he will not receive the money and $20 Million will be donated to the #MeToo Movement instead.

King also took time on air to discuss the importance of transparency in the investigation saying:

I would think, how can we have this investigation and not know how it comes out? Les Moonves has been on the record, he says, listen, he didn't do these things, that it was consensual, that he hasn't hurt anybody's career. I would think it would be in his best interests for us to hear what the report finds out.

Over on The Talk, where Moonves' wife Julie Chen is a host, (She was absent.) the women discussed openly their thoughts on the investigation.

Sarah Gilbert said:

I feel like it would be difficult to work at a company feeling like things aren't going to be told, if things go wrong or things are done that put women or anyone in a compromising position. You want to feel like it's going to become public.
I also feel like these women were very brave in speaking what their truth is, and so if the stories are true, they deserve to be corroborated. Les is saying they're not true, so I would think, in equal measure, he would want the results put out.

The public is definitely behind the move for transparency.

It is good to see with the #MeToo movement it is increasingly difficult for those in power to hide abusive behavior in secrecy.

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