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Tucker Carlson Claims Conservatives Have 'Remained Calm And Nonviolent' In Absurd Rant

Tucker Carlson Claims Conservatives Have 'Remained Calm And Nonviolent' In Absurd Rant
Fox News

Tucker Carlson—a right-wing reactionary who often spouts White nationalist talking points—praised political conservatives for remaining “nonviolent” in the face of “persecution.”

On his show, Carlson talked about supposed persecution, discussed the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and conveniently skipped over 26 years of other acts of right-wing domestic terrorism.

The clip was shared by Media Matters and the internet couldn’t believe Carlson’s hubris.

In the clip, Carlson went over the events at Ruby Ridge and the Waco siege by federal agents in the early 90s, where the government is blamed for killing right-wing activists.

It’s believed these events were catalysts for Timothy McVeigh’s bombing of a government building in Oklahoma City in 1995.

However, Carlson insisted this is the last time there was right-wing political violence and “thank god” they have haven’t done anything since.

What this missed are the numerous politically motivated attacks attempted by conservatives. This included the armed siege of federal property by the Bundy family, Proud Boys pushing for street violence, White nationalist terrorist attacks by mass shooters and a plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

And of course, the Capitol riot on January 6 that caused millions of dollars in damage and led to multiple deaths over a hundred injuries to law enforcement.

On top of this, Carlson drew a distinction between the supposed lack of violence from conservatives to protests by left-wing activists. In 2020, the number of left-wing protests that turned violent was only 7%, while those most arrested for violence ended up being right-wing supporters.

Carlson’s show on Fox News is known for pushing far right talking points. Between White nationalist propaganda, and show writers spewing racist talking points online, Carlson’s show is a lightning rod for political division in America.

However, it’s a very popular program, with the “owning the libs” mentality proving effective to engage a reactionary conservative mindset.

Some even see Carlson as the successor to former President Donald Trump’s political movement.

However, online commenters mostly see him as an intentional liar or a fool.

Carlson is well known for his contradictory statements.

This includes earlier this month when he tried to slam President Joe Biden for wearing a mask outside, and then insulting Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for doing the opposite.

It doesn’t matter what you do, if you’re a Democrat, you’re wrong in Carlson’s eyes.