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Capitol Rioter Who Was Banned From Possessing Guns Busted After Fatally Shooting Mountain Lion

FBI; Colorado Parks Wildlife

A man from Colorado who was charged in the Capitol riot will face house arrest after breaking the law by shooting and killing a mountain lion with a gun he was banned from having.

Patrick Montgomery, from Littleton, Colorado was released on his own recognizance after being charged in the Capitol riot, on the condition he not possess a firearm and not violate state or federal law.

But Montgomery did indeed possess a firearm during this time and used it to hunt game, according to investigators.

Montgomery, who is 48 years old, is accused of kicking a Washington D.C. Metropolitan police officer in the chest and trying to take his baton away from him, according to court documents.

A motion filed by prosecutors likened his disrespect of that officer to the disrespect of his ROR order.

"Montgomery has no respect for the Court's orders, just like he had no respect for law enforcement at the Capitol on January 6...Montgomery has flagrantly violated the law and has shown by his actions that he is unlikely to abide by Court orders."

As of the morning of May 17, a hearing with Judge Randolph D. Moss put Montgomery on 24 hour home detention until his trial, where he will face prosecution for 10 charges, including: assaulting a police officer, engaging in physical violence and illegally entering Capitol grounds.

Montgomery pleaded not guilty to all 10 charges.

Montgomery also faced charges while on pre-trial release for illegally hunting a bobcat, which he reportedly shot with a slingshot and allowed his dogs to maul afterward.

A hearing for that offense is scheduled for Wednesday, May 19.

Any charges related to the killing of the mountain lion were not disclosed.