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California Professor Apologizes After He And His Wife Are Caught On Video Hurling Racial Slurs At Neighbors

California Professor Apologizes After He And His Wife Are Caught On Video Hurling Racial Slurs At Neighbors

A Sacramento State University professor and his wife confronted their neighbors after smelling bacon grease and began hurling racial slurs at them.

The video in which the couple boasted about their academic accomplishments while appearing to be intoxicated went viral.

The disturbing footage showing Tim Ford—an associate professor of economics—and his wife was originally posted on Facebook on May 1 but has since been deleted. The video made its way over to Reddit and other social medial sites, however.

Ford was heard shouting:

"I'm a professor at Sac State, dude. I have a Ph.D. I don't need to be dealing with s— like this."

Behind him was his wife, Crystal Ford, who used racial slurs multiple times—including the N-word and "b**ch," and is seen flipping the bird aimed at Mikaela Cobb, the woman filming the video with her boyfriend from inside their home.

Warning: the video below contains racist language.

You can also watch the New York Post news report of the incident also featuring the disturbing footage here.

In the deleted Facebook post, Cobb said that the couple lives upstairs and the melee is a frequent occurrence.

A frustrated Cobb described what shelter-in-place has been like for her.

"This is what I have to deal with while in quarantine!"
"Racial slurs are being thrown around, I can't even (be) at peace in my own home."

Cobb claimed that Ford's wife initiated the verbal rampage because she smelled Cobb's cooking.

"Guys she was mad it smelled like bacon grease!? Like I can't eat!?"

According to Brian Blomster—Sacramento State University's director of news and communications—the video was sent to campus authorities.

Sac State President Robert Nelsen responded to the video in a statement, saying he was "deeply offended by the language" heard in the verbal altercation.

He said.

"Racial epithets are repulsive and unacceptable. Personally, I am incredibly upset by the contents of the video and the harmful impact that it is having on our campus community."

Jonathan Stein, the attorney for the Fords, sent a statement of apology on behalf of the couple to the campus paper, The State Hornet.

"While we have had ongoing difficulties with one of our neighbors, there is no situation that warrants the use of racially charged words and we sincerely apologize for the behavior exhibited during this confrontation."

Cobb's mother Chrissy told the paper that her daughter and her boyfriend also have additional footage showing Ford pouring beer down their balcony.

Nina Watkins, the property manager of the complex, said:

"We do not condone the behavior as witnessed in the video."

The comments on Reddit where the video was also shared on the "Public Freakouts" subReddit noted the angry couple appeared to be under the influence.

"Like just to say, those eyes aren't crossing because she's so mad, it has to be from so much drugs."
"I can't even guess what she's on and i've seen and done some sh*t. What she does with her arms at the end also just screams drugs."
"Is it Meth, that's my best guess? Honestly I don't know what makes people like this, is it being a Tweaker and just Drunk Anger mixed? (Alcohol + X = State Professor Wife), someone plz help me with the math, what is X in this equation." – StarlaKing
"To me, this seems like a mix of alcohol and some sort of benzodiazepine."
"I've had my share of being around someone drunk and messed up on something like Xanax or Ativan (lorazepam)."
"After my dad passed away my mom couldn't cope and started drinking super heavily - like got the shakes in the morning if she didn't chug vodka by 8 or 9am - and was given lorazepam to help her anxiety and with sleep."
"The moment she opened her eyes she was pissed from the withdrawal, only to become an angry, irrational nightmare once she got her fix; a powder keg ready to erupt with the slightest perceived provocation."
"As the only child that was left to deal with her every waking moment at home for years before I was old enough to leave, I became intimately aware of the nuances of this combo, which this crazy lady seems to exhibit."
"It completely changes people, as benzos literally change the way your brain works. A very ugly combo of drugs." – -mooncake-
"He has a PhD?"
"Welp, just goes to show you that degrees don't make you smarter than anyone else." – Romano16

Just because people have a PhD does not mean they excel in social graces.

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