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California Juice Bar Blasted After Posting Bizarre Sign Looking For A Worker Who 'Doesn't Cry'

California Juice Bar Blasted After Posting Bizarre Sign Looking For A Worker Who 'Doesn't Cry'

The Great Resignation rages on, as workers quit jobs left and right that mistreat and undercut them, as well as refuse to apply to jobs that don't pay a living wage.

Which businesses are adjusting their practices and which businesses are going to be left behind in the dust are getting clearer and clearer.

For example, this business in Los Angeles, California, which decided its best filter was to be very overly specific about who they were looking for—to their detriment.

Kreation organic juice bar in Los Angeles is now facing backlash for its storefront sign that specifies, among other things, hiring a worker who "doesn't cry."

As all human beings cry at some point in their lives, this is relatively impossible—but also a harbinger of doom for anybody looking to work in the store.

"This 100% means they have made someone cry at work before," observed one shrewd Redditor.

Some patrons familiar with the juice bar were struck by the sheer audacity of the sign.

"F**k Kreation," wrote one angry Redditor.

"Their smoothies cost enough they better be paying their employees for dealing with all the Krystal Karens that go there."

Kreation Organic Juice reportedly took the sign down as an answer to the backlash, but unfortunately for them things on the internet last forever.

"I knew the founder of Kreation and highly advise everyone to stay away," said one savvy Redditor.

Despite taking down the sign, Kreation has made no comment on its choice of words in its search for employees.

But thanks to the power of the internet, it seems like people will think twice now before applying to the company.