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The 'According To My Calculations' Meme Is Here To Mathematically Tell You What's Up

With each passing day, like an ever-hungry beast of humor, Twitter finds and devours a new meme to bring pleasure to the millions of people who use it.

The newest entry into the ever-expanding meme canon features a badly-drawn calculator and people's personal calculations.

Simply put, people use the meme to state the facts as simply and straightforwardly as possible...even when the "facts" are more personal opinions than anything else.

Some people's calculations revealed some sad truths about themselves.

A lot of the math on these calculations was left unexplained.

In other cases, the conclusions seemed pretty obvious.

A couple of the memes even seemed to feature what appeared to be real math!

Some of the facts presented were painful...but what's one to say? The calculations were airtight.

Other uses of the meme seemed to be not-so-subtly aimed at personal situations in the authors' lives.

All in all, however, the meme has proven versatile enough to spread like wildfire across Twitter!

According to my calculations...this meme is a worthy champion, and will be remembered for all time on Twitter.