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Busy Philipps Opens Up About Having An Abortion At 15 In Emotional Response To Georgia's Anti-Abortion Law

On Tuesday, May 7, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed a "heartbeat bill" into law, outlawing abortion in the state after a "fetal heartbeat" can be detected by physicians.

Since this heartbeat can sometimes be detected at only six weeks, and many women aren't even aware they're pregnant at that point, many are decrying the law as an immoral ban on abortion.

Talk show host Busy Philipps took the opportunity on her show to share the story of her own abortion, saying women should have the right to choose.

Philipps knew she should use her platform to speak out for the many women who won't have the opportunity.

Busy's story was a reminder to many of the great things that become possible when women are represented on television.

Twitter couldn't help but admire Philipps for her bravery and beautiful words:

Unfortunately, E! recently announced Philipps' show would be cancelled.

But in the meantime, Busy's fans love what she's doing with her remaining time on the air.

It takes true bravery to be this honest on national television.

Though her time on E! is winding down, Philipps is still attracting new viewers!

Keep up the good work, Busy—you're helping to normalize the idea of a woman's choice to everyone who hears your story!