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Security Camera Catches Woman Shooting At Tennessee Burger King Employees Over Drive-Thru Wait Time

Security Camera Catches Woman Shooting At Tennessee Burger King Employees Over Drive-Thru Wait Time
WKRN News 2/YouTube

An unidentified Tennessee woman is currently being pursued by the Memphis police after assaulting a group of Burger King employees.

The woman appeared at the Burger King location as the passenger in a sedan. After about 10 minutes of waiting on their food order, the woman got out of the car and approached the drive-thru window on foot.

She briefly argued with the employee who was taking orders at the window. When she was dissatisfied with their reply, she returned to the sedan, only to grab a hand-gun.

The woman returned to the window and shot at all of the employees she could see from the window. The employees were fortunately able to escape the room and to exit a back exit door before anyone was harmed.

Unfortunately, the woman left the scene before she could be identified or arrested. The Burger King location released their security camera footage that involved the incident to the police.

The police hope with the use of the video, car license plate, and the powers of social media, they'll be able to find and charge the woman.

You can watch the video here:

Because the woman became violent over such a simple thing, since we've surely all had to wait at least once for our "fast" food, some have speculated something else must have been going on in the woman's life. They suggest this was only the tipping point, rather than a purely malicious encounter.

One witness in the parking lot of the chain restaurant said:

"She must have been real hungry."
"No, it must have been something else deeper than just the order taking too long."

But another witness was more disappointed in the woman:

"I used to get food thrown at me [when I worked in fast food], and stuff said to me, but nothing like this."
"You ask me, if she's going to do something like this in a fast food line, what's she going to do when someone cuts her off in traffic? [laughs nervously] She's going to lean out of the car and shoot at them."

Those who have seen the video had opinions of their own.

Some made jokes about the Burger King "Have It Your Way" slogan.

WKRN News 2/YouTube

WKRN News 2/YouTube

Others said the woman will be even more upset about the wait time in jail.

WKRN News 2/YouTube

WKRN News 2/YouTube

WKRN News 2/YouTube

Unfortunately, this is hardly the first time something like this has happened.

A few years ago, a woman absolutely lost it and got violent at a McDonald's drive-thru window and attempted to attack the employees through the drive-thru window when she approached the window on-foot and demanded McNuggets at a time they were not serving them.

Some people just really can't wait for their fast food.