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Michael Bublé Hilariously Stunned After Seeing Fan's Tattoo Of His Face On Her Leg

The crooner took a photo with fan and tattoo artist Jessica Rebell, who has his face tattooed on her leg, joking that 'my wife doesn't even love me this much.'

Michel Bublé
Dave Simpson/WireImage

There are many traditional tattoos people get, and then there's tattoo artist Jessica Rebell, who has Michael Bublé's face tattooed on her leg. Bublé met the Australian artist and took a picture with her showing off the Bublé tattoo, seemingly floored.

Bublé himself appreciates tattoos, and has the names of his four children inked on his skin.

He captioned the photo, which he posted to Instagram, with a sentence almost guaranteed to cause some real interesting reactions.

"My wife doesn't even love me this much."

The reactions to Bublé's post were all over the place.

First were those who found the whole thing to be funny and got the joke.


Then there was a group of commenters angry with Bublé about the post's joking caption, reminding him about his wife and 4 children.



The reaction was so heated Bublé himself posted a clarification it was a joke.


But people were thinking it didn't translate because most of the accounts angry with Bublé were written in Spanish or Italian.






However, others said you don't joke about your wife's love.



You don't joke, someone pointed out, because sometimes jokes can contain a bit of truth.


Bublé will be on tour this autumn in Mexico.