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Bruce Springsteen Helps Out Young Fan Skipping School To See His Concert In Viral Video

The legendary rocker spotted a girl with a sign reading 'Skipping school, sign my note?' during his show in San Francisco—and he delivered.

Bruce Springsteen signing note
Karen Pitcher Scovell/Facebook

In a viral video currently circulating social media, Bruce Springsteen can be seen helping a young fan who played hooky to see his show.

While performing at the Chase Center in San Francisco on Sunday, the rocker spotted 11-year-old Genevieve in the crowd holding a sign that read:

“Skipping school, sign my note?”

Bruce Springsteen holding the girl's signKaren Pitcher Scovell,/Facebook

The Born in the USA legend happily obliged, taking the note and a pen and getting on one knee to sign the note before blowing the young fan a kiss.

Karen Pitcher Scovell, who was standing nearby, captured the moment and posted it to Facebook, writing:

"No words!!!!!"
"To be in such close proximity to greatness was more than I had ever expected. Bruce knelt down directly in front of me to sign a school excuse for the little girl behind me…."

You can watch below.

People on social media applauded Springsteen for the effort he consistently puts into recognizing his fans.

And others added that Genevieve had the experience—and excuse—of a lifetime.

Of course, this isn't the first time Springsteen has signed an excuse for a student.

In 2016, he signed an attendance note for a fifth grader who was at the rocker’s Born to Run book signing in Philadelphia.

Springsteen and the E Street Band are back on the road after having to postpone their world tour in September due to the rocker's battle with peptic ulcer disease.

During a recent interview on SiriusXM’s E Street Radio with Jim Rotolo, Springsteen said he "literally couldn't sing at all" while he was dealing with the condition.

Springsteen said the disease, which can cause severe abdomen pain, was "killing" him when he tried to sing.

“You sing with your diaphragm. My diaphragm was hurting so badly that when I went to make the effort to sing, it was killing me, you know?”
“So, I literally couldn’t sing at all, you know, and that lasted for two or three months, along with just a myriad of other painful problems.”

Last month, The Boss took returned to the stage and celebrated with an Instagram post, simply captioning it:

"We’re back!"

Welcome back!