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Boss Spends Online Work Meeting As A Potato After Triggering Camera Filter And Not Knowing How To Turn It Off

A company boss accidentally turned herself into a potato and couldn't switch it off (@PettyClegg)

With companies across the world getting to grips with working from home and learning the best way to lead virtual meetings, bosses are trying hard to use new tools.

One boss learned about background settings the hard way after accidentally spending an entire virtual meeting as a potato.

Political director Lizet Ocampo was leading an online meeting with her team at People for the American Way, in Washington, D.C. They work closely with Latinx voters and help progressive candidates during elections.

She had downloaded some fun filters for happy hour. However, when she was unable to figure out how to turn them off she had to spend the rest of a meeting as a potato.

Yes, it's hilarious.

Listen, technology is hard.

"We started our weekly Monday meeting and decided we all needed some human interaction and one by one, turned on our cameras," colleague Rachele Clegg told the PA news agency.

Ocampo's was the best video, and Twitter agrees.


"We laughed for a good 10 minutes straight," Clegg said.

"She started moving her head around to see what was going on. The whole potato looked like it was just floating below the surface."