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Border Patrol Agent Whose 'Gender Reveal' Party Started A Massive Fire Learns His Punishment

Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images

Border Patrol Agent Dennis Dickey has pleaded guilty to setting off explosives to reveal the sex of his unborn child and starting a wildfire.

The Sawmill Fire started by the off-duty patrol agent caused $8 million worth of damage in Arizona in April 2017. Dickey was charged with a misdemeanor, and given five years probation for firing a rifle at a target he had set up with a highly explosive colored substance that would reveal the sex of the baby.

Dickey immediately called the fire department and took responsibility for the disastrous decision. He was also sentenced to pay $8 million in restitution.

In addition, Dickey will make a public service announcement regarding fire safety.

People were not feeling a whole lot of sympathy.

But ultimately, people really just wanted to know one thing—

Okay, make that two things.

Ultimately though—

Because truth be told—

So to wrap it up, no one cares the sex of your baby, but if you must announce it, please do so without explosives and firearms.

H/T: Daily Beast, KTAR