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Boebert Calls LGBTQ+ People 'Degenerates' In Meltdown Over North Face Drag Queen Video

The MAGA Rep. called for a boycott of the outdoor clothing brand over their Pride video featuring drag queen Pattie Gonia.

Lauren Boebert; Instagram screenshot of Pattie Gonia from The North Face's ad
Nathan Howard/Getty Images; @pattiegonia/Instagram; @thenorthface/Instagram

Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert is facing criticism after making derogatory comments about the LGBTQ+ community while discussing The North Face's partnership with a drag queen.

Her latest controversy began when Boebert criticized The North Face's collaboration with Pattie Gonia—an outdoorsy drag queen—who announced the brand's "Summer of Pride" event in an Instagram video.

The North Face also introduced clothing items featuring rainbow patterns as part of their support for LGBTQ+ pride. While the video was innocuous, it received hateful comments from individuals vowing to boycott the brand.

You can see the ad for yourself below.

In response, Boebert took to social media, lambasting The North Face and referring to LGBTQ+ people as "degenerates."

She wrote:

"Well, I guess North Face wanted to get a taste of what conservatives did to Bud Light and Target."
"How many times do we have to explain to the woke marketing departments at these disgusting companies that America is not a nation of degenerates?"
"It’s time to boycott ANY product North Face has ever made."
"Let’s make it as shameful to wear North Face as it is to drink Bud Light!"

You can see her tweet below.

Boebert's anti-LGBTQ+ remarks sparked additional criticism due to the timing, coinciding with the release of recordings involving an alleged domestic violence incident in her family.

The recordings captured a distressing 911 call made by one of her sons, reporting Boebert's husband was mistreating him.

This juxtaposition led many individuals to question Boebert's priorities and accused her of diverting attention from the serious allegations against her family.

Boebert's call for conservatives to boycott The North Face came shortly after far-right commentator Candace Owens urged conservatives to boycott Target over their Pride merchandise and declared that anyone who shops at the company's stores is "gay" and a "pervert."

Owens went on to opine that Target has bowed to conservative backlash to avoid being "Bud Lighted," a reference to the transphobic backlash to the company's partnership with influencer Dylan Mulvaney that has caused sales of the brand to decline.